Disclosures To Make When Applying For A Partner Visa

Applying for your Australian visa is not as easy of a task as it may seem in the beginning. More often than not, the Department of Home Affairs will ask for intricate details about your personal life and relationship to ensure that you will fit into Australian society. The article below details some of the disclosures you should make when applying for your Australian partner visa. Hopefully, it will improve the possibility of positive feedback from the department. Read More 

What To Expect During A Protection Visa Interview

The Australian protection visa (subclass 866) is a special permit for people seeking asylum in Australia. Once granted, you are allowed to live, work and study in Australia indefinitely. The application process can be quite tedious. Applicants lodge their request by filling a statement for protection visa application. If the department thinks that their claims are genuine, they are invited to a protection visa interview. This article discusses what applicants should expect at a protection visa interview. Read More 

A Guide on the Australian Visitor Visa

If you intend to visit Australia for business or leisure, then you need a visitor visa. A visitor visa allows you to be in the country for a maximum of 12 months. This excerpt provides vital information regarding the Australian visitor visa.  Applying for the visitor visa Preferably, you should apply for the visa a few months before your trip. In such a way, you have adequate time to re-apply if your first application is denied. Read More 

5 Important Things to Know When Applying for a 457 Visa

If you're thinking about moving to Australia and applying for a 457 visa, it is important to be in possession of all the facts so you are well prepared. Here are five important elements to bear in mind: No Exploitation As there is great demand among people who want to immigrate to Australia, certain less than scrupulous employers may try to take advantage of the situation. It's important to understand that an employer may not offer you a salary rate that is less than the average market rate in Australia for your position. Read More