5 Important Things to Know When Applying for a 457 Visa

If you're thinking about moving to Australia and applying for a 457 visa, it is important to be in possession of all the facts so you are well prepared. Here are five important elements to bear in mind:

No Exploitation

As there is great demand among people who want to immigrate to Australia, certain less than scrupulous employers may try to take advantage of the situation. It's important to understand that an employer may not offer you a salary rate that is less than the average market rate in Australia for your position. The employer will have to guarantee that they will pay you at least this minimum amount as part of the application, so you don't need to worry about exploitation.

Constant Reviews

Not only does the sponsoring employer have to pay you the Australian market rate for your position, but they also have to warrant that they will continue to pay the appropriate amount for the duration of your employment under the 457 visa. Part of this obligation is the need to schedule periodic reviews, especially as your position within the company and role may increase as time goes by.

Health Insurance Requirement

You may or may not be required to provide your own independent health insurance when you apply for a 457 visa. Generally speaking passport holders from countries which have a reciprocal health agreement with Australia are exempt from showing proof of this type of coverage.

These countries include the United Kingdom, Finland, Italy and Ireland, for example. Otherwise, you must show proof of cover for you and your dependent family within the application.

Keeping Your Eligibility

It's important for both you and your employer to be really clear about your responsibilities, once approved for a 457 visa. This is because some employment categories are fairly narrowly defined. If your job requires you to undertake tasks that are somewhat different to the task approved under the initial visa, then you and your employer will need to periodically check to see that you are still in compliance. If not, the employer will need to put in a new application for approval.

Converting to Permanent

One of the most attractive elements of a 457 visa is the ability to apply for permanent residency under certain circumstances. If this is your ultimate goal you should clearly discuss these options with the employer at the outset. The sponsoring organisation can then put you forward for permanent residency after two years of employment.

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