Disclosures To Make When Applying For A Partner Visa

Applying for your Australian visa is not as easy of a task as it may seem in the beginning. More often than not, the Department of Home Affairs will ask for intricate details about your personal life and relationship to ensure that you will fit into Australian society. The article below details some of the disclosures you should make when applying for your Australian partner visa. Hopefully, it will improve the possibility of positive feedback from the department. 

Your History

Your history plays a significant role when you are applying for a partner visa. For example, the department will want to know if you are currently married, if you are divorced and if you have a child. Given that Australia does not accept polygamous or polyandrous relationships, you will not receive a visa if you are married or in a relationship with someone other than your sponsor in Australia. However, if you have a child from a previous relationship, the department will assess the child's best interests when reviewing your application. Typically, you have to prove that the move is suitable for your child. 

Your criminal history will also come into play as the department reviews your visa application. You may be denied entry if you have been accused of criminal offences such as murder or drug trafficking. However, there are instances when the department could approve your request even though you have a criminal record. For example, it could be that you were wrongly accused. Alternatively, maybe it was a minor offense that happened years ago. 

The Nature Of Your Relationship

The department will need you to reveal details about your relationship. For example, how did you meet your partner? Do you share finances? What are your partner's hobbies? How do you spend time together? How do you intend to live once in Australia? The secret to answering these questions is ensuring that you are honest as possible. Giving false information predisposes you to contradictions, which will negatively affect the department's decision.  

Your Health

The department will want to know if you have any contagious diseases. Therefore, you will undergo tests to ascertain if you have a dangerous disease like COVID-19 or Ebola. You are also required to disclose if you have illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, or Parkinson's disease. The underlying principle is that your illness should not limit Australian citizens from accessing healthcare. 

When you are applying for a partner visa, you will have to disclose your history, your criminal past, the nature of your relationship, and your health. An experienced immigration lawyer can help you with all aspects of your application to ensure you do not give contradictions or irrelevant information.